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Rising from Fire Podcast.

The Rising from Fire Podcast was born in late August of 2020 when I had started a different podcast, didn’t make enough time to record it consistently, eventually got two episodes in, and decided I didn’t like it. I change my mind a lot.

There was one specific thing I knew I wanted to change: I wanted to narrow my wide range of topics that spanned mental health, eating disorders, and addiction recovery down to one topic that I’m ferociously passionate about: living with and overcoming depression.

This is what I want to talk about, I thought. This is what I want to help people with. This is where my heart is.

On Rising from Fire, I explore the insidious black hole that is depression and the journey through hell it takes to move from being engulfed in the flames to rising above them. 

After fighting through years of suicidal depression, I talk through the lens of personal experience about being deep in the fire, traditional & alternative treatments, dating with mental illness, spirituality, tools and learning to manage a condition that can’t be cured, staying hopeful, therapy, suicide, finding your way back to you, and more.

Amanda Gist, your host.

Hi, I’m Amanda, a professional speaker, an author, and a passionate storyteller. I love mac & cheese, thunderstorms, dark roast coffee, The Lumineers, and the rescue dog who saved my life, Haylie. I worked as an actor in Hollywood for five years until severe depression and bulimia took over my life.

When I was deep in suicidal depression, I felt like I was on fire and no one could see the flames. So instead of throwing water on me, everyone kept throwing meds and therapy sessions at me and I just kept on burning.

It’s been a long, winding road to find my way from being deep in that fire to being in the space I occupy today: maintaining relationships, working, writing, dating, creating, learning, growing. And along the road, depression debilitated my life in ways I never thought possible and affected areas of my world I thought had nothing to do with my mental health. It infiltrated every inch of the space I lived in.

Rising from Fire is my corner of the internet to talk about those inches touched by depression in ways that other people don’t talk about. No topics are off limits. No questions are too personal. Depression doesn’t get to win this round, we do. We’ll talk. We’ll cry. We’ll laugh. We’ll fight back. We’ll learn. 



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